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In the Republican primary for Lubbock County Judge, Gary Boren is beginning to rack up the endorsements. Last Thursday, the Lubbock Professional Police Association announced their support of Boren in the race for Lubbock County Judge. Boren has made crime a central part of his campaign and has promised to stand with law enforcement.

On Wednesday, Gary Boren was endorsed by Lubbock's Project Destiny. Project Destiny was one of the groups leading the push to make Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn. The organization is making endorsements in some local races and could play a factor in upcoming City Council elections. Project Destiny called Boren a "pro-life champion" in a press release on Wednesday.

“Gary is a pro life champion for every citizen of Lubbock, both born and unborn!”

The endorsement comes after Boren appeared on The Chad Hasty Show with Matt Martin and said he supported designating Lubbock County a Sanctuary County for the Unborn and believed it was important to do so. Earlier in the day, Boren's opponent, County Judge Curtis Parish appeared on Sunrise LBK and was asked by a listener if he supported such a measure and Parish said that while he is prolife, Lubbock County would not be able to it due to being tied by state law.

This is the second time Boren and Parrish have faced each other in a race for Lubbock County Judge. Boren lost to current Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish in the 2018 runoff election. Boren came close to winning the seat when three candidates were on the ballot in the March 2018 primary. Boren received 48% of the vote, but Parrish was able to win the May runoff with 54% of the vote.

Can You Guess These Towns From Their Satellite Photos?

I'm always down for a good brain challenge. This one however got the best of me.
It's always a fun time looking up address or cities and seeing them from a satellite point of view. You start pointing out landmarks and things you recognize.

One thing you don't account for however is something looking bigger or smaller than you seemed to think it was. So we started grabbing a bunch of these satellite pictures of cities and towns around Amarillo.

As we looked at them, we thought to ourselves, "how fun would this be to actually have to GUESS what these places are?". So away we went.

Go ahead and try to see how many you can guess correctly!

The Somewhat Small Towns of the Texas Panhandle

Say what now? Somewhat small?

That's right. These are the towns that seem massive when compared to teensy weensie two-stoplight towns like Pringle (30) or Kerrick (25), but they're definitely not on the same level as cities like White Deer or Panhandle....much less Amarillo.

Buckle up! We've got a places to go and towns to see! These populations are well over 100, but way less than 1000.

All aboard the Somewhat Small Texas Panhandle Towns tour!

Top 15 Under the Radar Cities in Texas

Texas is booming, and as more people move here, they'll be looking at areas like Austin or Houston to settle down. There are plenty of others places they ought to consider, though.

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, along with data about home sales and public school ratings, Orchard recently ranked and graded the Top 15 Under the Radar Cities in Texas.

These are unexpectedly good places to make a life for yourself and your family in the Lone Star State. Did your hometown make the list?

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