Time is ticking away for candidates in the March 1 Republican and Democrat primary to set themselves apart from the other candidates and to show voters why they should be elected over the person who they are running against.

Earlier this week, Republican candidate for Lubbock County Judge, Gary Boren, joined the show to discuss his campaign and recent endorsement from the Lubbock Professional Police Association.

Boren talked about the current commissioner's court lacking vision and leadership from the current County Judge. Boren told the The Chad Hasty Show with Matt Martin that if elected he would get the road bond that was approved by Lubbock County voters, started. Boren believes that it's taken the county too long to get projects done.

When asked if one needs to be an attorney to do the job of Lubbock County Judge, Boren said that the job is really one that can be done by anyone. "We had 27,28 years of citizens doing this job" Boren told the KFYO audience.

Boren also told the KFYO audience that he is against spending taxpayer money on lobbyists. Boren said that would be his job as Lubbock County Judge if elected.

Boren also told KFYO that the first thing he'd do as Judge is push for Lubbock County to be named as a sanctuary for the unborn. Boren said that they can do that for Lubbock County in the unincorporated areas.

You can listen to the full interview with Gary Boren above.

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