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House Bill 1927 is still alive and is now moving on to the next stage.

Texas Constitutional Carry, also known as "permitless carry", survived a hurdle on Wednesday and will now head to a conference committee after House lawmakers objected to the amendments added onto House Bill 1927 in the Texas Senate.

When the author of the bill, Rep. Matt Schaefer, rose to introduce the bill Wednesday night, Democrat Rep. Chris Turner immediately called a point of order which could have killed the legislation. Instead of killing the legislation, Turner's point of order was withdrawn.

The five House appointees to the conference committee all voted in favor of the bill. State Representative Dustin Burrows is one of the conferees. According to The Texan, the main issue now is time.

Now that the House has selected its conferees, the Senate will need to do the same.

The clock is ticking for Republicans to move HB 1927 through both chambers and to the governor’s desk. Since the legislature is required to adjourn sine die at 11:59 p.m. on May 31, the bill could still be lost if the conference committee cannot come to an agreement in the next 19 days that is amenable to both the House and Senate.

The final day that lawmakers have to approve the bill will be Sunday, May 30.

Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes was on The Chad Hasty Show Tuesday and voiced his support for Constitutional Carry and said he was confident that it would pass even if the bill goes to a conference committee.

Time is ticking for this and many other pieces of legislation.

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