Monday on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer listed his goals for the farm bill and described some of its other aspects.

Neugebauer looks forward to hearing opening statements of the first farm bill meeting, by the House and Senate, of the accomplishments they hope to see as a result of the bill. Neugebauer listed his own hopes: "We need to get a five-year farm bill... this extension to extension is not the right way to do that. We also need to get the reforms that are necessary to be sure that we are being good stewards of the tax payers money. Thirdly.... is getting a solid five-year safety net market base that increases and enhances crop insurance."

Neugebauer also commented on the food stamps component of the farm bill. He noted that while the two may be combined under the bill, each may mature at different rates. He hopes to revise the food stamps program to ensure that only those who actually qualify (not automatically enrolled through other programs) are beneficiaries of the system. He believes that the limited monitoring of those enrolled in the program is the cause of a doubling of the number of those that receive food stamps over the past four years. Neugebauer said, "we believe in taking care of our neighbor, but we also believe in taking care of our neighbor when our neighbor is trying to take care of themselves."

Finally, Neugebauer reiterated that citizens do not want Obamacare, especially with the website down.

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