On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, city council candidate Frank Gutierrez talked with Chad Hasty about his campaign for Lubbock City Council District 1.

Gutierrez has had a long history of being involved with City Hall and the residents of District 1, a recent example being his efforts in the Victor Hernandez recall attempt last year. He said that, according to the resident he's spoken with,economic development is the biggest issue facing the district. He said that Northeast Lubbock is making a "noble effort" to rebuild and revitalize, but that they need to be far more transparent with their dealings in order to get people to back their efforts.

"North and East Lubbock, in my mind, is making a noble effort, but they need to be clear as to what they're doing and where their money is going. That way, folks will feel more comfortable in supporting the initiative, because East Lubbock is Lubbock, Texas. And East Lubbock should also reflect that. The prosperity that's being shared in the other parts of town should also be happening in East Lubbock, as well as North Lubbock."

Gutierrez added that LP&L also seems to be a big issue with residents of District 1, with many of them hurting from the recent rate hikes. He said that the structure of the LP&L board, as well as the way the rate hike was implemented, was cause for concern and done with little to no consideration for how if would affect LP&L customers.

Gutierrez also discussed a number of local issues, such as taxes, downtown redevelopment, and his desire to bringing a community college to Downtown Lubbock.

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