A newcomer to the political scene in Lubbock will no longer be running for elected office in the Municipal Election on Saturday, May 5.

Nicholas Muniz- Lubbock
Nicholas Muniz, LinkedIn

During the filing period that recently closed, Nicholas Muniz filed to run for office on both the Lubbock City Council and the Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees.

However, when Muniz filed, he used different first names: "Nicholas" for his filing to run for District 1 on the Lubbock City Council, and "Nick" when filing to run for the At-Large/Unexpired Term seat on the Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees.

Muniz is currently a teacher at Christ The King Cathedral School in Lubbock.

Lubbock ISD caught the fact that Muniz has filed to run for two separate offices on the same election date. In a letter (click to download PDF copy) dated February 20, 2018, Muniz was informed that he was being removed from the ballot as a candidate for an At-Large position for the Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees.

Quoting part of Lubbock ISD's letter:

In that regard, the following Texas Election Code provision, Section 141.033 applies:

Filing Applications for More than One Office Prohibited
(a) A candidate may not file applications for a place on the ballot for two or more offices that:
(1) Are not permitted by law to be held by the same person; and
(2) Are to be voted on at one or more elections held on the same day.
(b) lf a person files more than one application for a place on a ballot in violation of this section, each application filed subsequent to the first one filed is invalid.

In applying the law to your applications, it is not permitted for a person to serve both as a city councilman and a school trustee as they are not compatible positions, Texas Attorney General Opinion No. GA-0328; and the election is to be held on the same day, May 5,2018.

Muniz then had the option of continuing to run for Lubbock City Council District 1 against Councilman Juan Chadis and Patrick Kelly. However, according to the City of Lubbock, Muniz withdrew his candidacy.

Muniz posted on Facebook on February 24 why he changed his mind on running for Lubbock City Council District 1.

"I have such passion and devotion for my community and felt that with the development in our neighborhood and the lack of proper representation from our officials made me want to speak up and step up. I firmly believe that my voice and experience would make me a strong candidate, however I would like to firstly grow more professionally/financially before I make such a sacrifice for the greater good," Muniz wrote. He also stated that he would consider running for District 1 again in the future.

With Muniz completely off the ballot, here is the slate of races for Lubbock ISD and the Lubbock City Council in the 2018 Municipal Election:


District 3
Wesley Robinson
Ben Webb

At-Large/Full Term
Beth Bridges
Art Martin
Amanda Banks

District 4
Ryan Curry

At-Large/Unexpired Term
Zach Brady


Dan Pope
John Cothran
Stephen Jarrad Sanders (Write-In Candidate)

District 1
Juan Chadis
Patrick Kelly

District 3
Jeff Griffith

District 5
Randy Christian

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