Wednesday afternoon, a bond reduction hearing was held for 20-year-old murder suspect Yvonne Gonzales.

Gonzales is accused of the November murder of 4-year-old, Alyrah Sanchez.

Gonzales was in a relationship with the victim's father at the time. According to court documents, she was watching Alyrah at the time of her passing while the father was at work.

Gonzales claimed innocence, telling police the toddler choked to death on food.

Police stated there was bruising on the young girl's face when she was discovered.

According to KAMC News, the family of Alyrah Sanchez believes the judge will reach a verdict on a potential bond reduction sometime next week.

The victim's family remains adamant on their opposition to a bond reduction, believing justice for Alyrah will be served through the continued jailing of her murder suspect.