Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, The Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens joined Dave and Matt to talk about several issues in Lubbock.

Greg Stevens discussed people using the turn lane to merge, how the police clear wreck sites, police pursuits in car chases, drunk driving, insurance, police substations, and more.

The Chief was asked about police pursuits in car chases in Lubbock. Stevens explained that even when the Lubbock Police are not the ones directly involved in the chase, that they still try to help by putting out spikes. Chief Stevens was then asked how they make the decision to pursue or cancel a chase. Stevens explained,

"It's based on needs vs risk assessment, and those are delineated out in policy very very clearly. And it really boils down to this: The need to immediately capture the suspect has to outweigh any prevailing risk to the public from the suspects actions."

Stevens explained that it is really a case-by-base basis. He went on to say that if the suspect can be identified and more safely arrested at a later time, that they will cancel the pursuit, and in fact, they cancel more pursuits than they engage in.

Watch the full interview with Police Chief Greg Stevens in the video above.

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