State Representative of House District 83, Charles Perry, spoke with Robert Pratt of KFYO's Pratt on Texas, Monday, May 19th.

In the exclusive interview with Pratt, Perry confirmed his candidacy for Senate District Seat 28 which is expected to be vacated by Senator Robert Duncan on July 1st, 2014.

Duncan has been named the sole finalist by the Board of Regents of Texas Tech University for the position of Chancellor. However, state law requires that 21 days must pass before final action can be taken by the Board of Regents regarding Duncan's employment.

During the program, Perry discussed various issues involved with House District 83 and why he would be a good choice for the seat. He claims that in his current seat, he has already served 70% of senate district 28 due to redistricting.

Pratt raised the issue of varied voter interest that is expected in such a large district and asked what Perry plans to do on the voters' behalf if he's elected. In response, Perry pressed his prominent knowledge of the oil, gas, and agriculture industries that are so vital to the region.

Having grown up in the southern region of West Texas, Perry says he is not oblivious to the concerns of citizens working in the oil and gas industry. He also says he'll address the prominent water issues that effect the entire region which he claims is more water sensitive than anywhere else in the state.

Pratt and Perry also discussed Texas Tech University, which Pratt said is an institution that has proven to dominate political interests in the past. Perry commented on the issue, recalling two past events where he has been a strong advocate on  behalf of Texas Tech.

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