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It's All Over for Perry

The candidate with perhaps the most impressive resume in the Republican primary is no longer a candidate. On Friday former Texas Governor Rick Perry suspended his Presidential campaign but not before sending a message to Republican voters according to the Texas Tribune.

"We have a tremendous field of candidates – probably the greatest group of men and women. I step aside knowing our party is in good hands as long as we listen to the grassroots, listen to that cause of conservatism. If we do that then our party will be in good hands," Perry said. "I give you this news with no regrets."

This was Perry's second run for the White House; his first bid, in 2012, ended in a start-and-stop fashion after a series of troubling debate appearances.

In recent weeks, Perry had slimmed down his staff in the early voting states to just two paid workers in Iowa and South Carolina. That was the minimum requirement to participate in the second GOP presidential debate, which is being held next week in California.

As he prepared to bow out in a speech Friday in Missouri, Perry warned his party against nominating a “candidate who speaks louder than his record.”

Perry had worked hard to convince GOP primary voters he was more prepared for a 2016 run than he was during his 2012 campaign, which flamed out in a series of gaffes. But his latest bid for the White House failed to gain traction, especially during a summer in which attention-grabbing businessman Donald Trump shot to the top of polls — trailed by another Texan, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.

"The conservative movement has always been about principles, not about personalities. Our nominee should embody those principles," Perry said. "He – or she – must make the case for the cause of conservatism more than the cause of their own celebrity."

In an obvious reference to Trump, and in a speech loaded with religious references, Perry added: "Demeaning people of Hispanic heritage is not just ignorant, it betrays the example of Christ. We can enforce our laws and our borders, and we can love all who live within our borders, without betraying our values."

The move on Friday wasn't surprising but it is disappointing. Perry has a tremendous resume and did a great job as Governor here in Texas. Perry's campaign wilted during the Summer of Trump and he was smart enough to see the writing on the wall.

I hate it for Perry because I believe he should have been a top-tier candidate but right now voters want someone new, and someone who is loud.

It will be interesting to see if Rick Perry decides to endorse anyone in the future. I have a feeling that he will be for just about any Republican who isn't Donald Trump.

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