Monday on The Chad Hasty Show, Washington Times columnist and political analyst Matt Mackowiak joined the show to talk about the latest news in politics and issues, including the ongoing conflict between Trump and the media and what will transpire during Trump's initial weeks in the White House.

Mackowiak and Hasty discussed the controversy surrounding some Democrats who have said they will forego attending the inauguration this Friday, January 20, 2017. Also in the discussion was President-elect Trump's use of Twitter and the huge BuzzFeed controversy from last week.

About Trump's use of Twitter and his unconventional attitude toward the press and media, Mackowiak said, "He doesn't need the media." Mackowiak continued:

He's either going to start being treated fairly or he's going to ignore the media altogether. Throw them out of the White House, stop doing press briefings, talk directly to the public. There's going to be howls by the White House press corps if it comes to that.

Mackowiak also talked about the repeal of Obamacare (AKA the Affordable Care Act) and what will be required in making the changes that Trump has been pushing. Mackowiak said:

He's going to have to find ways to get eight Democratic votes to pass most of his priorities. We are going to find out pretty quickly just how good a negotiator he really is.

Listen to the entire interview with Matt Mackowiak in the video above.

Matt Mackowiak is a columnist for the Washington Times, a political analyst, and is the co-founder of the bipartisan political news blog Must Read Texas.

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