Chad Hasty on Thursday spent some time talking about modern television's family programming, and comparing controversial shows of past years with what is being aired today.

Hasty was talking specifically about The Fosters on the ABC Family Channel, which recently broadcast a segment that included a kiss between two boys who are 13 years old. The story is in the news today, with the group "1 Million Moms" boycotting the show.

The Fosters is a weekly drama about a family with mix of multi-racial foster and biological children who are being brought up by lesbian parents.

This is weird for a family network. ABC Family, and maybe it's just me, seems as though if it's branded as a family channel, seems as though nothing controversial should ever be brought up.

Hasty continued,

If you have a kid who watches The Fosters, you might get a question or two.

Listen to the segments from The Chad Hasty Show on Thursday in the YouTube play box above.

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