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Scott Braddock, editor of, joined The Chad Hasty Show on Monday to discuss the latest in the 2020 election in Texas and other headlines from over the weekend.

With Election Day just one day away, Braddock told KFYO that record voting during early voting was seen all over the state, and today, candidates are getting their final chances to turn people out to vote.

Braddock said he witnessed campaigns on both sides knocking on doors and trying their best to talk to voters in places like Harris County and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Braddock told KFYO News that by the time the dust settles, Texas could see 12 or 13 million people cast ballots.

When asked if he thought Senator John Cornyn would outperform President Trump in Texas, Braddock told KFYO that he's expecting that to be the case. One of the reasons why, according to Braddock, is that Cornyn is viewed as a "mainstream Republican" compared to President Trump, and that could have crossover appeal. Braddock said he could see a scenario where some will split the ticket and vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Cornyn.

Braddock also addressed an ongoing story where four Republicans have sued to toss votes in Harris County that were cast in drive-thru voting. The Texas Supreme Court, made up of all Republicans, rejected the lawsuit.

Braddock did mention that it wasn't lining up as a Republican vs. Democrat case since the state party, governor, and other lawmakers haven't commented on the case and the Texas Supreme Court rejected it.

Listen to the entire interview with Scott Braddock above.

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