Monday on The Chad Hasty Show, Scott Braddock, editor of, joined the program to talk about the latest news from the state capitol and the 87th Texas Legislature.

Braddock shared an update on the progress of concealed carry legislation in the legislature, as well as discussed the announcement from the Texas Department of Public Safety and Travis County District Attorney’s Office that there is no evidence that a crime had occurred in the allegation that a lobbyist had used a date rape drug on a Capitol staffer.

Braddock said, while discussing the media's jump to conclusions in the matter, some even going so far as to publish the name of the accused lobbyist,

Empower Texans, Texas Scorecard, they should not have done that. Putting out somebody's name when there has been no charge, had been no arrest or anything like that. And then that same group, the Scorecard, had asked whether that person had been framed...You don't have prosecutors say things like, 'no crime occurred,' unless something like this happened...Obviously prosecutors and the Department of Public Safety saw something that indicated to them that, actually, I hate to use the phrase, but may have seemed like it was all made up to them, because otherwise they would not have done something as definitive as that.

Listen to the entire interview with Scott Braddock in the video above.  

More news, information and commentary from Braddock may be found at: 

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