Tuesday on The Chad Hasty Show guest host Matt Crow was joined by one of Breitbart News's senior writers Bob Price to talk about current events in the news and politics in Texas and around the nation.

Price and Crow discussed Texas Senator Charles Perry's bill which would eliminate "sanctuary cities" in Texas. The new bill, which will be in front of the 85th Texas Legislative Session convening on January 10, 2017, is similar to the extremely controversial SB 185, which Perry filed in 2015.

When asked about the reception of the bill, and what it's chances are in the legislative session next year, Price said,

So far I think the reaction's been pretty good. The Texas Association of Business, of course, came out against it as they always do. But the Governor is supporting it, the Lieutenant Governor, and I spoke with the Speaker of the House, they're supporting the bill. So it's a good situation, I think we'll actually see it get passed.

Also in the discussion were the hot topics of Mexican drug cartels, the border wall which President-Elect Donald Trump says will be built between the United States and Mexico, law enforcement, possible Trump nominees for United States Secretary of Agriculture, and much more.

About the importance of agriculture in the United States, Price said,

Agriculture is not just a commodity brokerage resource, commercial thing. It's a national security issue. Our food supply is critical to our national security. So we have to find a way to make sure our farmers are protected, not only in terms of being able to make a profit in growing crops, but also in terms of trade deals that we have with other countries, so that we can grow these farms and have successful businesses that will be there to take care of us in any kind of crisis or emergency that develops in this country.

Listen to Matt's entire interview with Bob Price in the video above.

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