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Trump Endorses Ken Paxton For Texas Attorney General
The Bush family probably isn't surprised by this and one or two members of the family may have said "I told you so".
Former President Donald Trump on Monday gave his "Complete and Total Endorsement" to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton as Paxton seeks another …
Trump to Tour Border With Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Former President Donald Trump is coming back to Texas this month to tour the Texas-Mexico border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
Last week, Governor Abbott announced that the State of Texas would build a wall along the border with Mexico in an effort to stop illegal immigration from occurring in Tex…
Trump Endorses Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
If you were wondering if former President Donald Trump would get involved in Texas elections, you got your answer today. On Monday, former President Donald Trump endorsed Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick for re-election.
In a short release, the former President said that Patrick has "stood up…
Is Trump Back?
After leaving the White House on January 20 and even during the impeachment trail, former President Donald Trump was pretty quite. He wasn't doing interviews and instead was working on his golf game.
But things seem to be changing this week...

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