The Baylor Bears were upset by Yale in the first round of the NCAA tournament 79-75.

Perhaps Taurean Prince was even more frustrated due to the fact that they were upset in the first round last year by Georgia State.

This was Yale's first trip to the tournament since 1962, so they were fired up to say the least. You could sense an upset coming early in the game.

Yale was certainly the smaller team, but they managed to out-rebound the Bears, which prompted an unidentified reporter to press Prince on the issue. You can hear the reporter push Prince on the issue with a sarcastic tone, which prompted Prince to return with an equally sarcastic remark.

After that encounter, you can hear the moderator uncomfortably say "any more questions for the student athletes?" (Emphasis his.)

That's exactly the point: They are students. Most aren't even drinking age yet. I realize Baylor is a big-time program, but drilling a player on something so trivial after a loss seemed a bit ridiculous.