There are three types of abuse that make my blood boil: Child, elder and animal.

KFYO’s news director sent me a post today that really set me off. It was put up by Animal Rescue of Crosby County. Take a look at it below.

Credit: Facebook/Animal Rescue of Crosby County

To say I was livid is being very nice. What kind of monster would do this to six innocent puppies?

I was glad to see that ARCC was able to get the dogs and find at least one a forever home. And hopefully, that will be the case with the other five in the near future.

I certainly hope that they do catch the person or persons responsible for this act. This is no way to treat any animal. Let them see what it's like to be locked in a cage.

For more information or to help the great folks at ARCC Texas, please visit their website.

And thank you to ARCC for helping these little guys have a chance at a real life.

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