My wife sent me this on Facebook this morning, and it somehow found a way to both infuriate me, and yet inspire me.


What started out, to me, as a simple community clean -up project turned into a whirlwind of emotions as I read on and investigated.

At 220 Regis Street just off I-27, is a property, owned by Ernesto and Reyes Cantu, which has gained a level of infamy over time for the massive pile of discarded tires that darkened the land. The Cantu's who are in their 90's have spent thousands of dollars to have the tires hauled off to be recycled after a renter dumped the tires on the property.

The City of Lubbock had set a deadline by which the elderly couple must have the tires removed, or they could lose their land. Which, in my opinion, is a really a--hole move on the City of Lubbock's part. Maybe even worse than the jerk renter who caused this mess in the first place.

Fortunately, Lubbock is full of big hearted people who are stepping up and offering their time and services to get the tires removed quickly.

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A Facebook campaign, entitled "Can Do For The Cantu's-Community Tire Removal Effort", has been beating the drum and spearheading efforts to organize citizens to help clear the land. This Saturday, July 24th, they are requesting volunteers to help load scrap tires into semi trucks to be sent to a recycling center in Denver City. If you'd like to help, you can click here to find out more abut the Saturday cleanup.

These wonderful people did not deserve to be put in this situation by a evil, black-hearted tenant who took advantage of them and cost them thousands of dollars in fines and removal costs. They also don't deserve to lose their property due to someone else's actions. This is where The City Of Lubbock should smarten up and understand the circumstances before they set eviction deadlines to take away what this couple has worked years to build.

Let's step up, and help tear down and haul away Tire Mountain.


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