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It won't be long before Christmas morning is upon us and when it comes to Christmas and the weather, there are really two types of people. Those who would love to wake up to a snow-covered yard and celebrate a White Christmas. And those who will be traveling and absolutely want nothing to do with snow on or around Christmas Day.

Most of the time in Texas, including here in Lubbock, those are want nothing to do with snow win out. For just about all of Texas a white Christmas is rare. Very rare. For example, in Abilene, there has only snowed enough on Christmas Day four times to be considered a White Christmas. What is "enough snow"? According to the National Weather Service, it's not much.

Officially, we need an inch or more of snow to fall or be on the ground to make a "White Christmas".

According to the National Weather Service, only 6 times since they have been recording the weather has Lubbock seen a White Christmas. The last time it happened was in 2011 when an inch of snow fell on Christmas. That was on top of 2 inches of snow that fell on Christmas Eve.

So could Lubbock see a White Christmas in 2023? Yes, it's possible, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Will we see a White Christmas this year? As long term residents of the South Plains well know, the odds do not favor a White Christmas. In fact, in over 100 years of records kept by the National Weather Service at the Lubbock Airport, there have been only 15 days with snow that has either fallen or been present on the ground Christmas Day. That's less than a 15% chance of seeing snow.

Hopefully it will at least feel like Christmas. The average high in Lubbock on Christmas is 54 with an average low of 27.

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