There are a lot of things happening with the Reagor-Dykes situation. But the most important thing to remember is that there are real people and families being negatively affected through no fault of their own. And for many of them, its also back to school time for their kids.

I was lucky enough to stumble across a local church group who wants to help any of the Reagor-Dykes families with back to school supplies needs. So if you or someone you know is in need right now to get your kids the stuff they need for school, there is a group wanting to help you.

Just check the Facebook post below and you should find the info you need. Just ask, and they'll help you receive.

We hope all the families being negatively affected right now can find help to get back on their feet. And I will continue to share any opportunities I find for you. We're on your side. You've been saddled with a horrible situation that's not your fault, and no one should have to shoulder that burden alone.

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