Lubbock's Depot District has turned into an ever evolving thing. It's not just a playground for college students. In fact, it's changing quite a bit.

Lubbock's Depot District is in the process of growing up just a bit. That's not to say it was ever a good or bad thing; it's just evolving. It's no longer just about "party party!" It's becoming a cultural center of the town AND a place to get down (yeah, I went there).

Where else in Lubbock can you eat, drink, shop, dance, laugh, play and engage in any other real-life social fun?

It's time to get out from behind your smartphone and into life. There are real people out there having a real good time and you could be one of them. There's a lot to experience in the Depot District and I have some of those things enumerated here for you.

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    The Demographics Have Changed

    As stated above, The Depot District is no longer just a place for college students to get their drink on. The college students seem to be sticking closer to home, while the Depot District now caters to a wide swath of the population. They're still welcome, but they are only part of the crowd now.

    La Diosa serves a more upscale crowd. The Cactus Theater caters to a much older generation. Rockers and Red Dirt fans add all kinds of age groups to the mix, too.

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    The Shopping

    A couple of ladies are leading a serious charge to bring really cool shopping into the Depot District. It's the twin stores of Jux-ta-posh and The Lucky Ladle.

    The two owners are doing an amazing job of finding some of the coolest stuff on earth. It's everything from vintage furniture to hand made soaps and more. You can feel the passion in everything they do when you visit.

    Speaking of passion, look no further than the Tornado Gallery, which literally serves as the beating heart of the Depot District. Drop in for a look and drop a dollar or two with the folks who keep the Depot District alive.

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    The Variety

    The Depot District used to be just dance club after dance club. Sure, one would be techno and another hip-hop and another country, but it's grown to be so much more.

    The sing-a-long piano bar Louie Louie's is still rockin', and Backstage Lubbock brings an eclectic mix of everything from rock to comedy and salsa to the club.

    You can pretty much get a taste of a wide swatch of Lubbock nightlife when you visit the Depot District.

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    Real Community

    There very much is a sense of community when you get down to the Depot District. Maybe it's from the business owners knowing each other, or maybe it's from the First Friday Art Trail or the Downtown Farmers Markets. You just get a sense of "we're in this together" when you're down in the Depot.

    People look out for each other and there is an increased police presence to make sure everyone behaves. The new fire station going up at 19th and Texas somehow gives things a real neighborhood feel, too.

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    The Food

    The food is picking up in the Depot District. Grab a steak at Triple J Chophouse & Brewery, visit the best barbecue in town over at Big E's place or travel down Texas to the Freaky Tiki for some Freaky Pizza or the oddly named, but totally delicious "pork wings."

    There's also assorted food trucks that pop up in the area every now and then that are fun to try.


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