Yesterday by a 5-4 vote, the Senate Health and Human Services committee approved the smoking ban to be voted on by the full chamber. According to the Texas Tribune:

Senate Bill 28, which would ban smoking indoors in bars, restaurants and many public places, has failed to make it through past legislative sessions despite public support. It was voted out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee with a 5-4 vote.

To fit Gov. Rick Perry’s call for the special session, the bill was relabeled as an effort to reduce Medicaid and other health care costs.

At the committee meeting, Ellis said the ban would save an estimated $31 million dollars in Medicaid spending over the next biennium.

“I hope you’ll faithfully report [the bill] when the right quorum is present,” Ellis said, alluding to the fact that fewer than half of the committee’s members were present at the beginning of the hearing.

So the smoking ban lives, but for how long? Will it pass? Will the Governor sign the bill or veto? What do you think?