Since they were first introduced to the consumer market back in the 70s, computers have seen a lot of changes. Those big, clunky personal desktops I grew up with have effectively been replaced by the slim, sleek personal laptops we all know and love. But now, it seems like our laptops will soon be replaced by an even sleeker, slimmer piece of technology: tablet computers.

At least, that's what a lot of people seem to think. There's no doubt tablets are the "it" thing in the technology world right now. Just take a look at the iPad. This device is the reason that tablets are so huge right now. Let's face it, a lot of people never even heard of a tablet computer before the iPad came along. And admittedly, tablets are pretty great devices. They are much more portable than your standard laptop, and can do a lot of the functions most people use their laptops for, like web browsing and checking E-mail. For most people, tablets are a pretty solid alternative to a PC.

But can tablets really replace PCs altogether? Well...not right now. Tablets are great and all, but there's just certain things laptops provide that tablets haven't quite gotten down yet. Like, for example, a keyboard.  I'm on my laptop several hours a day writing stories, playing games, and working on graphic designs, all of which require extensive use of a keyboard. And so far, the touch-screen keyboards most tablets have just can't cut it.

But that's just one example. I think as a whole, tablets right now just aren't powerful enough to handle all the functions of a laptop. Sure, maybe give it a few years and a proper built-in keyboard, and then laptops will have something to worry about. But as it stands right now, laptops aren't going anywhere anytime soon.