Michele Bachmann officially entered the Presidential race on Monday and it didn't take too long for me to figure out why she won't win the Presidential election. It wasn't something she said or how she looked. It wasn't how she sounded or how long her speech was. The reason Michele Bachmann can't win is simple. She is a conservative woman.

Remember back to the McCain/Palin ticket. Sure, John McCain took his licks from the media but Sarah Palin suffered far more from the hit pieces and commentaries. The media hit pieces on Palin began to show her not as a smart Governor, but as an idiot that had no business being close to the oval office. Now, I admit that there were times where Palin didn't help herself, but it's hard to deny that there was a media bias against Palin.

Since the election the Palin bashing really hasn't stopped. The media has been waiting for Palin to enter into the race, but so far she hasn't.

That's where Michele Bachmann comes in. Another female conservative. She's religious and even a member of the TEA Party! To the media, Michele Bachmann is Sarah Palin 2.0 and they couldn't be happier. Democrats along with the liberal media will paint Bachmann, a former tax attorney, as an idiot and not qualified to hold office.

Has Bachmann made some gaffes? Sure, what politician hasn't? Remember Obama's 57 states gaffe? I predict however, that when Michele Bachmann misspeaks you will hear more about it than any other gaffe President Obama or even Mitt Romney makes.

After Michele Bachmann's speech yesterday, I logged on Facebook and other sites to see what people were saying and what I saw was pretty sad. Most of the comments I saw that were attacking her had nothing to do with her speech or even her views on the issues. Instead they were comments that we saw about Sarah Palin and comments that questioned, rather harshly, if Bachmann was smart enough to be President. The media will talk about her religious views and make her sound like a nut-job, and that will convince people that she is.

By the way, if you'd like to check out one of the latest hit jobs on Bachmann, check out Rolling Stone.

It's not just the media's fault though that Bachmann will be seen as an idiot. Say hello to the Democratic Party.

That's right, Democrats will help fuel the 'Bachmann is an idiot' fire because one of the last things the Democratic Party wants is a Republican woman in the White House. Why? Because it doesn't fit into the fairy tale that democrats spew out to the masses. Democrats tell people that the GOP tent only has enough room for older white males. Republicans would never send a woman to the White House, only the far reaching tent of the Democratic Party can do that they say.

Michele Bachmann is a serious candidate and deserves to be heard and respected. Unfortunately, she will be Palinized. She will be called a flake and crazy by those in the media and that will convince the masses that she is. She might win the GOP nomination, but the liberal media and democrats can't afford to let her win the White House. Will they stick to the issues like the economy and jobs or will they attack her in other ways? We already know the answer, just ask Sarah Palin.