Like it or not Governor Rick Perry is in the national conversation and this isn't something new. Governor Perry has been fighting with Washington and the Obama administration basically since Obama was sworn in. Perry has pretty much been a thorn in the side of President Obama for the past couple of years and many people, including myself, have kind of enjoyed it. Something else that isn't new are all the rumors and questions regarding Rick Perry and a run for President.

I have been impressed with how Perry has handled the attention. Sure, when interviewing him I'd like to say, "oh come on, you know you are running", but I don't. Perry has spent time watching over Texas and doing his job as well as slap Washington around. On Thursday, the Texas Tribune caught up with Perry and again asked about his nation ambitions. Instead of slapping the question down, Perry sort of dodged it. Makes you wonder what he is really thinking. Take a look at the video from the Texas Tribune below.