North Korea fired a rocket yesterday that North Korea claimed was carrying a satellite. The rocket launch failed and reportedly broke up over the ocean. Officials had said that the rocket itself was capable of carrying a weapon. So, how will this latest provocation affect the relationship between North Korea and the U.S.? According to one report:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned earlier Thursday that the promised launch by North Korea would scuttle the deal the Obama administration negotiated with Pyongyang and announced on Leap Day Feb. 29, which would have provided North Korea with 240,000 tons of U.S. food assistance over the next year. She lamented that the North Koreans had thrown away the progress made.

"If Pyongyang goes forward, we will all be back in the Security Council to take further action.  And it is regrettable because, as you know, we had worked through an agreement that would have benefited the North Korean people with the provision of food aid," she said. "But in the current atmosphere, we would not be able to go forward with that, and other actions that other countries had been considering would also be on hold."

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