From time to time I write about other stuff than just politics. Why? Well, because there is more to life than just politics and every now and then I'll write about other topics.

So instead of politics today, let's talk about religion. Every now and then I will post my thoughts on religion, Christianity, and other related topics. I've spoken with some people who aren't sure this is a good idea, but hey let's prove them wrong. On all blogs I write, I hope to hear back from people and hope that people will leave their thoughts on the blog below. However, I look forward to it more when writing about religious topics because we don't talk much on the show about religion. Remember, what I write is only my opinion. I am by no means an expert when it comes to religion. I didn't go to seminary, and didn't even take a Bible class at Texas Tech... I'm not even sure they offer them. This is just one guy's opinion and wanting your opinion as well. So, let's get to it.

This first blog is asking what seems like an easy question, What do you look for in a church? I say that it seems like an easy question because on the surface it should be and to many it is. For some though, it's not that easy of a question. Sure, there are some things that all of us want in a church. One of those would be a sense of community. I don't know of anyone who goes to church and wants to just be left alone and not bothered. I guess there might be some out there who feel that way, but I would expect the majority of people to welcome community.

Do you look for a church that has groups that meet on Sunday mornings, or do you look for a church that has groups that meet during the week? Maybe both? Music is important too. Are you looking for traditional or contemporary? Laid back or a production? Does it even matter? What is important to you when searching for a church home?

Now let's go a little deeper. What do you look for in a church? Do you look for a church that challenges you or do you look for a church that always reinforces God's love for you and doesn't get too deep? I'm not saying either way is right or wrong, but I do think the question warrants some personal reflection. I know it has for me in the past, and I believe there are others out there that have asked themselves this question. Do you look for a church that always agrees with you? Or, are you looking for a church that might convict you? How deep do you want a church to go?

I think at different stages of life and in different circumstances, we could all answer this question differently. That's why there is no 100% right or wrong answer as a whole, but individually could there be a right or wrong answer?

What do you think? What do you look for in a church?