The Farm Bill unexpectedly failed yesterday in the House. Democrats voted against the bill because of the cuts to SNAP. Republicans were divided. Some Republicans voted against the bill because not enough spending was cut while other Republicans, like Rep. Randy Neugebauer voted for the bill because of the reforms. Here's what Neugebauer said in a press release:

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t pass a five-year farm bill,” Neugebauer said.  “The House Agriculture Committee put together a good bill with $40 billion in spending reductions and significant reforms to nutrition assistance.  Through an open amendment process—which included some that I offered—we improved on that draft.  We agreed on provisions that would allow states to implement work requirements and drug tests before distributing nutrition benefits.  This legislation would have moved us to a more efficient, market-based system of crop support that only paid out in bad seasons.

“Unfortunately, without this bill, we won’t see those reforms.  The current extension of the farm bill expires in September, and our farmers and ranchers are looking for some certainty, so I’ll keep working to develop good policy on their behalf.”

How do you feel about the failure of the Farm Bill?