Lubbock police arrested three teenagers overnight Monday after a call of possible shots fired.

Officers reported to the area of 11th Street and Slide road, and found three suspects hiding in a fenced area behind the nearby Dollar General store.

Two of the teens began running from the officers as they approached, and 17-year-old Larry Flores was immediately taken into custody and attempted to resist arrest.

The other that tried to flee, 17-year-old Matthew Benavidez, was found at a nearby apartment complex. The teen that did not attempt to flee, 17-year-old Matthew Reyes, was taken into custody as well.

Officers report that they found the trio in possession of a large amount of stolen property, including a video game system, television, and jewelry.

The property belonged to a burglary victim in the neighborhood, who approached officers after the incident. No shots were fired as the original call had indicated.

The three teens have been charged with Burglary of a Habitation and Organized Crime. Flores has been charged with Evading Arrest and Resisting arrest. He had an outstanding arrest warrant for theft as well. Benavidez has been charged with Evading Arrest, and also had an outstanding warrant for theft.