Well, we made it. 2012 is almost come and gone, and we’re all ready to start anew in 2013. But before we dive in to the new year, let’s take a look back at this year. From battling lawsuits to battling legislation, from IPO failures to record successes, it’s been an impressive and newsworthy year for technology in 2012. Last week, I’ve been recapping the Top 5 technology stories of 2012. And today, the countdown concludes with the biggest gadget of 2012.

1.) Apple iPhone 5 Shatters Sales Records

Anytime Apple comes out with their latest and greatest, it turns into a worldwide media event. And this year was no different when Apple released the iPhone 5 to the public on September 12th. With its long 4-inch screen, powerful A6 processor, and finally jumping on to the 4G bandwagon, the phone is the biggest and best Apple has released so far, and the consumers agree. The phone smashed all sorts of sales records for a technology device, selling over 5 million units within the first week of hitting the shelves. Whether you love Apple or hate them, you can't deny the iPhone 5 is a bonafide success.

Of course, the iPhone didn't come without a few iProblems. One of the biggest complaints many consumers had with the iPhone5 was its terrible Maps app that, while it looked pretty, completely botched the locations of several major landmarks. (Just as an example of how bad this thing is, a quick search for "Texas Tech" landed me at an auto repair shop in Austin...)The app was so horribly flawed that two Apple executives ended up losing their jobs over it. But while Apple has promised to improve the app, Google has now made their far superior Google Maps app available for free on the iPhone.

The iPhone was not the only release from Apple this year. The tech giant decided to release not just one, but three new versions of the iPad in 2012. First in April, they released the "New iPad," which boasted a better display and faster Internet speeds. But then in October, just a month after releasing the iPhone 5, Apple not only brought out the small and slender iPad Mini, but announced yet another revamped iPad. So if you're looking to get an iPad, it's safe to say you've got plenty of options to choose from.

And that wraps up the Geek Girl 2012 Countdown. Thanks so much to everyone who's taken the time to check our the report through the year. Here's hoping we'll see even more new gadgets, and maybe a little less drama, next year as well. See you down the road in 2013!