During Texas Tech Homecoming weekend, the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents will meet on Friday, October 12.

The regents will discuss, and possibly act upon, two items of importance for Angelo State University.

The first is revising the admissions requirements for Angelo State University (ASU). The proposed changes would apply to incoming first-year freshman.

If a high school student graduates in the Top 10% percent of their class, there would be no minimum ACT or SAT test score to attend ASU. High school graduates in the top 11%-50% would have to have a minimum ACT score of 17 or SAT composite of 820 to attend ASU. High school graduates in the 3rd and 4th Quarters of class rank would have their applications reviewed under the ASU File Review guidelines. The File Review process would replace minimum ACT  and SAT scores for that select group of applicants.

According to Texas Tech, the revisions are recommended for ASU to "contribute to ASU's enrollment growth by increasing the quality of first-year freshman".

To handle the increased number of students at Angelo State University, the Board of Regents will consider a proposal to renovate Concho Hall. The significant renovations and upgrades are needed for Concho Hall to allow ASU full use of the building for years to come.  Recently, the 432 bed facility was used for temporary and overflow student housing and was slated for demolition. Concho Hall is 10 stories tall and was opened in 1969.