Texas Tech University has announced that tuition and fees will not increase at their system institutions for the upcoming academic year.

The Texas Tech System Board of Regents voted to keep tuition and mandatory fees constant for in-state undergraduate students enrolled in 15 semester credit hours at Texas Tech, Angelo State University, and Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

This marks the second time that Texas Tech has not raised tuition and mandatory fees since December 2006.

“The board of regents had a unique opportunity this year to give the families of our current and incoming students a financial break, and we are proud to do so,” said Board of Regents Chair Mickey Long. “Our goal is to make the costs of achieving higher education more accessible and less burdensome.”

The Board of Regents also gave approval to a measure which directs Texas Tech and Angelo State to begin developing a plan that will offer students a four-year, fixed rate for tuition and mandatory fees at each institution.

A plan will be presented to the board at a future meeting, which could be implemented as an option for students in the 2014-2015 academic year.