Patrick Mahomes talks about what he's improved on the most during the off-season and the battle for the vaunted starting quarterback slot.

"Footwork. Last year you saw me just fading back but not doing anything productive, this year I've worked on my footwork and making every step count," Mahomes told 1340 The Fan's Rob Snyder and Aaron Brodie.

Mahomes said he also feels like he's improved as a leader for the Red Raiders.

"Last year I played and tried to show it through my actions, but as a quarterback you have to be a little bit more vocal to get everyone to rally around you," he said.

Mahomes gushed about the offensive line he has the potential to be starting behind. "I love it. It's the perfect offensive line for this school too," he said. "We have the perfect set of guys to make a great offensive line for our running game and for pass protection."

Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech Photo: Justin Massoud, Townsquare Media

It's that offensive line that leads Mahomes to think that the running game will play a pivotal role in the team's 2015 success.

"It's gonna be very instrumental, we have such a great group of running backs and such a great offensive line," Mahomes said. "Having them running the ball, bringing more people in the will open up more holes for the quarterback."

Cashing in on those holes will depend on an improved receiving core. Mahomes was asked about which receiver has seen the biggest improvement over the off-season.

"Lauderdale has gotten really good, he's worked on his short games...Cantrell has gotten bigger and more cut, he's always been able to get the jump ball but now he can make some speed cuts."

Of course, Mahomes was asked about the quarterback competition. Just like fellow Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb, this is not Mahomes' first rodeo trying to win playing time behind the center.

"All the way from 7th grade to Junior year I was competing...I was splitting time the first three games [of my junior year] before I started the fourth one," Mahomes explained.

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that he expects to pick a starting quarterback a couple weeks into training camp.


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