Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Texas Tech’s meat judging team has brought home the school’s 10th national championship.

The students earned the honors on Sunday, November 18th at the American Meat Science Association’s International Meat Judging Contest, held in Dakota City, Nebraska.

Tech’s team won the beef judging, lamb judging, pork judging, specifications, placings, and reasons divisions. The group also finished second in total beef and beef grading.

The Red Raiders won by a 50-point margin, and also won five of the six national contests during the 2012 meat judging season.

“One of the most impressive things about this team is how well they responded to adversity,” said Mark Miller, Horn Professor and San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Distinguished Chair in Meat Science.

“They courageously came back from a loss at the Eastern and committed themselves to working hard as a team to win decisively at the American Royal, Cargill, and the International,” Miller continued.

The other teams in the top five included Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University, Michigan State University, and Angelo State University.

Since 2000, The Red Raiders have won more than 55 percent of all national contests. During the past four years, they have been the victor in 27 out of the past 34 competitions.