Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. Texas Tech Football

Did that really happen? Did Texas Tech really lose at home 66-6? Ouch. I didn't expect Texas Tech to beat Oklahoma State, but I did expect them to be competitive and to make it a great game. Instead, it was the most embarrassing games in Tech history. The part I'm most disappointed in was the lack of effort and heart the Tech football team displayed. Even at the beginning of the game the players looked like they had rather be sleeping than playing a football game. If the team doesn't want to be there, why should we pay to go? Do I blame Tuberville? Yes. Coaches are supposed to get the team ready to play and clearly, Texas Tech was not ready to play football. As the Head Coach, the buck stops with him and you know what, he knows it.

Is it time for Tuberville to go? No. He hasn't been with Texas Tech long enough for us as fans to really give him a fair shake. Sure, those who base decisions only on emotions want him gone, but emotion can't rule here. Tuberville has had 2 defensive schemes in 2 years. No coach will have a great record with that. What Texas Tech needs is consistency and hopefully they will have it going into next season. If Tech doesn't start showing signs of improving next season, Tuberville's 3rd season, than we can talk about a hot seat.

The other important question is, will Tech become bowl eligible? Good question. I wouldn't put money on it. The Tech team we saw on Saturday couldn't even beat Kansas if they were to play again.

2. TSA and gifts (link)

The TSA is warning people not to wrap Christmas gifts this season. If you do, they will probably unwrap them.

If the circumstances are suspicious, TSA can and likely will open those gifts.

Certain sporting items such as bats, bows and arrows and pool cues cannot be brought on board unless checked.

Pocket knives and other concealed weapons are also prohibited — regardless of whether they’re wrapped in a pretty red bow.

I'm just glad I won't have to deal with airports or the TSA this Christmas.

3. Lincoln's Tomb (link)


Thieves have nabbed a 3-foot-long copper sword atop Lincoln’s Tomb in what is believed to be the first theft at the site in more than a century.

An employee noticed last week that the sword was cut from a statue of a Civil War artillery officer, the (Springfield) State Journal-Register reported Saturday. Officials think the sword was stolen sometime between September and early November.

Nothing had been stolen from the Springfield site, which is the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln, since the sword on the same statue was taken more than 100 years ago, said Dave Blanchette, a spokesman for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Then, the sword was bronze.

I hope they find these losers. Stealing from a grave-site and the site of one our greatest Presidents is terrible.

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