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1. South Carolina

Mitt Romney has opened up a large lead in South Carolina if you believe the polls. The Republican is leading by up to 21 points in the Southern state. It appears as though the Gingrich/Perry strategy of attacking Romney's business background has backfired. Who could have guessed that besides us on LFN, Rush Limbaugh, talk radio, and just about every other Republican?

If you have missed seeing the Republican's debate on TV lately, don't worry because FOX News and the WSJ are teaming up to have a debate tonight. Expect to hear about Bain, Capitalism, social issues, and Iran among other topics.

2. Dolphins (link)

Dolphins are very smart and it's been no secret that the military has been training dolphins to help out the United States. So how exactly could Dolphins help out against Iran and the threats to close the Strait of Hormuz? Well, Iran could block the strait by using anti-ship missiles, armed speed boats or mines. That's where the Dolphins come in.

“They are astounding in their ability to detect underwater objects,” Keating told the station.

The invasion of Iraq was the last time the mine-sweeping capability of dolphins was widely-touted. "Dolphins -- which possess sonar so keen they can discern a quarter from a dime when blindfolded and spot a 3-inch metal sphere from 370 feet away -- are invaluable mine sweepers," reported The San Francisco Chronicle. In 2010, the Seattle Times reported that the Navy has 80 bottlenose dolphins in the San Diego Bay. They are taught to hunt for mines and drop acoustic transponders nearby.

According to a report in 2003, the dolphins only detect the mines. Destroying them is left up to the Navy's human divers

Pretty cool.

3. Dumb story of the morning (link)

Here is your dumb story of the morning.

llinois child welfare officials are investigating whether a woman brought her 5-year-old son with her while robbing a bank with her boyfriend, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Lauri L. Ruble, of Antioch, Lake County, and Brandon Stancliff have been charged in federal court with robbing Wauconda Community Bank in December. Ruble was ordered released on $5,000 bail Thursday.

Ruble allegedly told the FBI she was upset with herself for putting her son in danger. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is investigating allegations of abuse and neglect against the couple, a spokesman said.

The spokesman said he could not comment on the boy’s status.

According to the paper, Ruble allegedly told the FBI that Stancliff grabbed a bandana and butcher knife from her kitchen and they both left her home with her son to rob the bank. She put her son in a car seat and they drove to the bank, she said.

It wasn’t the first time a woman allegedly brought a child with her to a robbery in the Chicago area. In 2007, Lyndsey Tucker was charged with robbing a Lake in the Hills bank with a knife while her 4-year-old daughter sat in the SUV she was driving. Tucker was sentenced to 53 months in prison.

Mother of the year candidate?

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