Monday on Lubbock's First News, Dwayne Stovall spoke about his candidacy for a seat on the state Senate.

Stovall is a self titled federalist. He believes in small government and calls himself a Republican with a little "r." He said, "I'm the republican that the Republican party basically got up and left." Stovall believes the purpose of the Senate is to protect the "best interests of your state." He feels that current and previous Senators have increased debt and other problems, rather than working toward the state's interest.

"I don't understand how we got to where we are today, but we're here and I'd like to start pushing the concept of federalism, which is where the states hold the expansive power." He hopes to "drive discourse" back to federalism from centralized, unconstitutional power. He noted the historical pattern of failure due to debt. Stovall said, "I want our generation to be the ones that steps up and takes responsibility for managing this." He believes that fixing the problem is going to take more work, but that he will never vote to impede the best interests of the state as a start to such change.

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