On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman talked with guest host Matt Crow about his run for Texas Attorney General.

Smitherman announced recently that he would be running for office after current attorney general Greg Abbot announced his candidacy for governor of Texas.He said that he intends to continue the fight kept up by Abbott in fighting against an over intrusive government and striving to keep Texas strong.

Yesterday, attorney general Eric Holder announced his department would be going after Texas and attempting to block voter ID laws in the state. Smitherman said this is yet another example of the Obama administration going "out of control" and singling Texas out.

"The Supreme Court said not too long ago that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act the formula which requires certain state to pre-clear our lines for House, Senate and congressional districts...was applied incorrectly. That, in our opinion allows us to implement the voter ID bill. It also means that the lines that we have presently should remain the lines for the  elections next year, and that we don't have to go do this pre-clearence activity with the Department of Justice which requires Texas...to get our re-drawn lines pre-approved by the Department of Justice.It's just another example of the Obama justice department and the Obama administration being completely out of control and always having Texas in their gun sights."

Smitherman also discussed fracking in Texas, saying that the process was both critical to the Texas economy and did not pose any sort of environmental risk. He also shared his views on a number of issues like Obamacare, illegal immigration, and the death penalty.

For more information on Barry Smitherman, visit his website at barryfortexas.com.

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