A South Plains city has received federal disaster relief funds due to depleted water supplies.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples announced $350,000 in federal disaster relief grants to the City of Amherst in Lamb County.

Drought conditions have had a strong impact on the availability of water resources across the South Plains, and the City of Amherst found itself in danger of running out of drinking water due to diminished well productivity caused by low aquifer levels.

According to a press release from Staples’ office, the City of Amherst will use the funds to drill a new well to supplement existing wells.

“This is an excellent example of how we can solve Texas-sized challenges when we channel our state’s resources,” said Staples.

Amherst Mayor Carolyn Harmon weighed in, saying “With the assistance provided by the Texas Department of Agriculture, I am hopeful we can help save our town and improve our water situation.”

Amherst is located about 46 miles northwest of Lubbock.