Baseball is back, so let's talk baseball.

I'm a baseball fan, and still think baseball is the national pastime.

I like football too, especially the Cowboys, but baseball is my game.   If you have seen Field of Dreams, and heard James Earl Jones' speech about baseball at the end of the movie...the speech could have been written by me.

I got mad at the players after the strikes, because they were messing with my game.  Striking against baseball is un-American.  After a period of mourning after each strike (boycotting),  I came back.

I have been a fan of two teams.  First, while growing up near Atlanta, I was a Braves fan.    After moving to Texas in 1968,  I continued to follow the Braves, and then became a Ranger fan when the Senators moved to Texas.

Here are some of my baseball memories.

One game I'll never forget is the 1972 All-Star game in Atlanta.  An uncle in Atlanta had tickets, and took me to the game.  Hank Aaron hit a home run before a hometown crowd.  It was also the first time the Rangers were represented.  Toby Harrah was the only Ranger selected, but he didn't play.  As I recall, he was injured.

Another game I remember took place on July 4, 1967, I believe.  The Cubs vs. Atlanta.  The pitchers were Joe Niekro vs. Phil Niekro.  I think it was the first time two brothers were opposing starting pitchers.  Later, in the 70's, I saw a rematch of the Niekro brothers, again in Atlanta.

Also in the 70's, I got to see Hank Aaron again, this time in Arlington against the Rangers, when Aaron played for the Brewers.  It was 1975, as Aaron's career was winding down, and he hit a home run.

By the way, Hank Aaron is the the home run king.  Barry Bonds, whom I saw once in Houston,  cheated.

In addition to seeing the home run king, I also saw Nolan Ryan, the strikeout king,  pitch in Arlington as his career was coming to a close.

Those are some of my baseball memories.  Tell me about yours.