On Thursday's edition of Lubbock's First News, state representative for District 84 John Frullo talked with guest host Cole Shooter about the upcoming Texas legislative session.

The Texas legislative session will begin on January 8th, 2013. Frullo said that there have been many people getting in contact with him concerning different bills they'd like to see brought before the legislature, and said that this year, Texas is in better shape budget-wise. Frullo warned, however, that just because Texas has some extra money doesn't mean they should run off and spend it.

"My feeling is...if we have extra money, it doesn't mean we have to go out and spend it.We're taking that money from the people. That's our money, we don't need to leave it to the government. I'm a firm believer in that us as individuals can spend that money a lot better than they can in Austin, and dang sure better than they can in Washington."

Frullo said that some of the bills he'll be concentrating on include fine-tuning Alicia's Law to help law enforcement crack down on child sexual abuse cases. He'll also be looking at bills concerning electricity adequacy, reforming testing procedures in Texas and a few water projects for the state.

There are several ways to contact state representative John Frullo if you have an issue you'd like to see brought before the legislation. Frullo's local office is located at 4601 50th Street, Suite 216, and can also be reached on the phone at 806-763-2366. You can also visit his website at house.state.tx.us.