State Representative John Frullo (R) joined Lubbock's First News on Tuesday morning to promote a new initiative about government legislation in Texas.

The Texas Red Tape Challenge is a website which allows members of the public to offer ideas on how to reduce the burden of state laws and regulations, and provide recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and productivity of the state government.

"The Texas Red Tape Challenge is a neat opportunity for people to get involved," said Frullo. "If they have an idea maybe a complaint, a suggestion they can go and actually log in and register just like you would if you were to speak before a committee in Austin."

The website serves as a forum for the public to share their own ideas or show their support for recommendations made by others and over 200 people have made use of the website according to Frullo.

The website will bring up new items every two weeks and will conclude in October. A committee will convene in Austin to discuss the ideas and recommendations made on the challenge.

The ideas adopted by the Committee will be included in its report to the 83rd Texas Legislature beginning in January 2013.

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