South Plains College will honor a retired academic vice president and regent early next year. SPC’s new student residence hall will be dedicated as the Nathan Tubb Hall at a ceremony on January 5th.

The new Nathan Tubb Hall is a 104-bed, two-story residence hall. Featured in the new hall will be a central common area with additional common areas in each of the wings. The hall, located at J.V. Morton and South College Avenue, is the first residence addition onto the campus since 1981.

Mike Box, chairman of the South Plains College Board of Regents said of Tubb, “He had served in so many capacities through the years, and he is such a great ambassador for the college. I couldn’t think of anybody else more deserving than Nathan Tubb.”

Tubb retired from SPC in 1981, after serving as the college’s first registrar and academic dean, then as academic vice-president. Following his retirement, Tubb served on the SPC Board of Regents from 1988 until 1996.