South Plains College announced its Fall 2012 enrollment figures today.

The Levelland based junior college has 9,710 students enrolled as of the 12th day of class. This number is down from Fall 2011’s 10,549, a 7.86% decrease.

When we compare head count to credit hours, it appears that the part time students did not return,” said Dr. Kelvin Sharp, President of South Plains College in press release.

It could be that they may have opted to find employment opportunities that were not available before.

We can say that having 9,700 students is still a good, solid enrollment number for South Plains College,” he said.

Since 2009, South Plains College has recorded enrollment over 10,000 students, which was a record for the school.

Unofficially, there is a decline in enrollment across Community Colleges statewide,” said Dr. Sharp.

Our goal is to continue to maintain a quality education at an affordable price for all of our 9,700 students.”