The shooting of  teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida has certainly brought on a lot of emotion in the last two weeks. Lawmakers across the country are again talking about gun laws including laws like the "Stand Your Ground" law in Florida. Texas has what's referred to as the Castle Doctrine which allows Texans to use deadly force in they feel threatened at their home, business, or car.

A Houston Democrat thinks it's time to repeal the 2007 law. Rep. Garnet Coleman will file a bill in the next legislative session to repeal the Castle Doctrine. According to reports:

“This law, like the Florida law, is a license to kill, especially brown or black people,” Rep. Garnet Coleman said of the Castle Doctrine law the Texas Legislature passed overwhelmingly in the 2007 session.

“I knew it was a bad legislation for the people I represent,” said Coleman, one of only 13 legislators – all Democrats – to vote against Senate Bill 378. “Brown and black people are born suspects and this law, like the Florida law, allows people to shoot first and ask questions later.”

So what do you think? Should Texas repeal the Castle Doctrine?