Is daylight-saving time a relic of the past? State Rep. Dan Flynn has filed a bill for the upcoming legislative session that would allow Texas to opt-out of daylight-saving time and to just stay on Central Standard Time all year long. The measure may have support from local lawmakers according to KAMC.

A Northeast Texas lawmaker wants to stop Texas from participating in Daylight Saving Time – meaning no more changing the clocks twice a year. Lubbock’s new State Representative, Dustin Burrows, said it is not high priority, but if it comes up in the legisltive session there’s a very good chance he would vote for it.

“I’ve heard from some parents with young children who think it’s a good idea,” Burrow said. “They would not have the headache of getting their children readjusted to a new schedule twice a year.

Burrows and his fellow Lubbock State Representative John Frullo both said the one possible drawback is how to handle El Paso. They said El Paso is currently in Mountain Time, not central. Would El Paso continue to switch seasonally between Mountain Standard Time and Mountain Daylight Saving Time? Or would El Paso join all of Texas – permanently observing Central Standard Time all year long?

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