When I was in High School, I worked as a waiter at a few different restaurants. They weren't the best jobs, but at 16 years old money is money and waiting tables is pretty easy.

On Monday, the Dallas Observer published an article that listed the top five waiter complaints, or things that they say will get you terrible service. Some of these I agree with, some I don't. Here are the top five ways according to the Dallas Observer. You can read the full article here.

1. Ordering coffee at a place that's neither IHOP or in Alaska

2. You're rude from the start

3. Waters all around, and you're all splitting an entrée

4. Oink, oink, table hog

5. You've tipped poorly before

Like I said earlier, some of these I agree with, some I don't. If you've ever waited tables, what are some of your gripes?