Law enforcement in Texas are beefing up security for officials due to a suspected string of connected murders.

Mike McLelland, the Kaufman County District Attorney, and his wife were murdered in their home Saturday.

The murders occurred in Forney, which is about 20 miles west of Dallas.

One of McLelland’s assistant district attorneys, Mark Hasse, was gunned down in the courthouse parking lot only two months ago.

The current mayor of Forney said the killings do not appear to be random, and it is suspected that Texas state attorneys are being targeted.

The former mayor is urging calm but does say that the attack “Appears to be a targeted act”.

Police are working with FBI agents and the Texas Rangers in the investigation.

Little information is being released on the investigation, but prosecutors do say they are taking better steps to protect themselves and their staffs.

Mike Anderson, Harris County’s District Attorney, has accepted 24-hour security for him and his family provided by the Houston Police Department.

Tarrant County District Attorney Joe Shannon also accepted protection, but declined to discuss what specifically the security is.

Information from the Associated Press used in this story