The vain 1970's television anchorman that spawned a whole new collection of catch-phrases ("I'm kinda a big deal, people know me"), Ron Burgundy (portrayed by Will Ferrell), is hawking Dodge Durango SUVs in advance of his next movie, "Anchorman 2".

The Daily Herald (of suburban Chicago) found out that Chrysler essentially got to produce the ads for free:

Francois got the talent to pitch a refurbished version of the Dodge Durango SUV for free. Paramount Pictures, he said, bartered work on the commercials by Will Ferrell, who plays Burgundy, in exchange for the promotion in the ads of an "Anchorman" sequel that is due out in December.

Here's one of the funnier ads released today:

"Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" was released in 2004, starring Ferrell and Christina Applegate. Ferrall, as Burgundy, wrote and acted in almost 70 of the Durango commercials.  Some will be used on television, some on the Internet at Funny or Die and others won't see the light of day.

So, will Ron Burgundy convince you to buy a Dodge?